Re: Attachments

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2001-03-01 10:44:07

Ruud asked:

> can the email programs you use handle base64 attachments as well?

I'm using two different email programs. RMAIL in Emacs don't know
attachments (at least not the old, unpatched version I'm using).
Pine on the other hand deals with attachments very fine, and might
even be able to display the simpler ones right away.

When I get an attachment, I export the mail in Unix mailbox format
to a separate file, and runs Pine on that single folder to extract
the contents. Otherwise, there should be plenty of stand-alone
base64 decoders.

(yes, I know there might be extentions to RMAIL, as well as the
 option to switch to Gnus, but I haven't had the motivation to
 find a better solution)

/Anders Carlsson
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