Re: 8501-CPUs

From: Hársfalvi, Levente (
Date: 2001-02-22 10:53:05


> >turned the C16 on during installing the keyboard. My youngest son noticed
> >that the screen started up and started to type, but..... nothing happened.
> >I reopened the C16 and checked the connection. All OK. Replaced the
> Non functioning Keyboard is the tell-tale on two of my C16's giving me
> confidence that it is the CPU.... but I thought the on board I/O port
> controlled the IEC lines??

Should I suspect that they don't receive IRQs anymore?

The fact that there is a cursor is none of a good reason to think that
keyboard IRQ is present; the cursor in the Plus/4 is generated by
hardware :-/. 

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