Re: Dynamic RAM / memory expansion

From: john/lori (
Date: 2001-01-19 19:51:22

Having just perused a few data sheets, I'll speculated that any
256k bit or larger chip you're likely to want to use, will have
an on chip refresh counter and be capable of /CAS before /RAS

Therefore, why not just supress (or modify) the normal VIC refresh
cycle and do a /CAS before /RAS refresh cycle.


> Having given some though to this before I found several tricks the Z80 guys use to get around
> this problem (the Z80 has an internal 8bit refresh counter).  The solution I think for the C64
> is to use the BA signal (which goes low before the refresh /fetch cycles) to control a counter.
> The higher bits of this counter can provide higher order bits for the SIMMS, but only for the
> first 5cycles of BA=low). After the 5th byte, the normal "VIC page" address needs to be shown
> in order to fetch the correct video data.
> So... with a counter, multiplexer and some glue, RAM with greater than 256kilo-bits could be
> refreshed (btw: the time between refreshes doubles as memory size quadruples, which is very
> handy). I haven't done more other than develop this theory.... so I haven't got a circuit in
> mind.
> Hope this helps.
> Regards, 
> Nick
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