Re: 2114 chips needed?

From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 2001-01-08 23:34:48


MagerValp wrote:

> I'll try to write something up when I'm done. The current projects on
> Funet all require logic chips and a small PCB, I'm aiming for just
> wires and memory chips.
>   6264's are 8K Static RAM (SRAM) chips that are almost pin compa-
> tible with 2364 ROM chips. This enables you to solder the 6264 on top
> of the ROM chip (aka piggy-backing) and just rewire 6 pins, instead of
> having to wire all 28. It's a quick and dirty solution, but it works.

I also built the mentioned VIC-20 memory expansion board by Adam
Bergström (a slightly modified version that can also map RAM to the
RAM1'-RAM3' blocks, but no real difference). I also designed and
manufactured a PCB for it (I should upload it somewhere...), but first I
built it on a small piece of protoboard (assembled inside the computer;
there is plenty of room, and I could connect wires to all appropriate
contact points). It was really easy to do. Probably even less risky than
piggy backing some chips inside the VIC. As Pasi has mentioned, a 32k
static Ram also shouldn't be too expensive (or you can even obtain one
from the PCB of some older HDD wrecks ;-) ).

>   The Vic-20 is a *very* simple computer, almost everything is done
> with standard 74xx logic chips. Check the scematics on Funet,

Booh... I always get confused when I have to dig into the schematics,
because of those _lots of wires 8-/.



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