Re: 2114 chips needed?

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2001-01-08 18:09:42

MagerValp <> asked:

[3K memory expansion]
> Is there any software out there that needs it?

Um.. cartridges that had +3K built-in: VIC-Forth, Super Expander,
Buti Plus (I think). Then there are some software written for +3K,
although I'm not sure which are essential. Today's software either
are written only for +8K or has +3K as an option if possible.

My expansion memory, which I once bought, returned and grabbed back 
from a dust bin, has two on-off switches and one three-way switch. 
That means, the memory configurations I can choose from are:
U, U+$A000, 3K, 16K, 16K+$A000, 16K+$0400, 24K, 24K+$A000, 24K+$0400

SW1 selects +8K starting at $2000 or not
SW2 selects +3K at $0400, unexpanded or +8K at $A000
SW3 selects +8K or +16K starting at $4000

I think only the block at $4000 is not switchable. Obviously SW1 has 
priority over SW2, because start of Basic is not moved to $0400 when
that is switched in together with >= 16K memory. Also, I can't have
both 3K and 8K at $A000, which is a little sad.

/Anders Carlsson
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