Re: 2114 chips needed?

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2001-01-08 17:56:04

>>>>> "Pasi" == Ojala Pasi 'Albert' <> writes:

MV> I'm working in upgrading my Vic-20 with some extra ram to be able
MV> to watch (and digitize) Veni Vidi Vic and Vici Iterum MM.

Pasi> I have designed a 8/16/24/32kB expansion using one 32kB SRAM and
Pasi> one TTL AND chip + some resistors + capacitor, but I haven't had
Pasi> time to design the board yet.

Does it differ from

  I was thinking about adding a 3K expansion though, and the only way
to do it without any logic chips is by piggy-backing 2114's. Hmm, or I
guess I could piggyback three 6264's on top of the character ROM.
Sounds ugly though :P

Pasi> 32kB SRAM's can be had for about 10FIM (2USD), so I don't think
Pasi> the whole thing will be so expensive. If there is enough
Pasi> interest, I can make some extra available after the prototype
Pasi> has been tested (with or without the chips).

I might be interested, kind of depends on how well this experiment
works out :)

Pasi> Using 2kB SRAMs doesn't sound very cost-effective.

That's 0.5 kB, and nope, it ain't :) You can't beat it at simplicity
though -- piggy-back the chips and solder the 6 /CS wires.

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