Re: Bringing the funet archive up to date

From: Bryan Pope (
Date: 2001-01-03 17:01:48

> It's a pity to see that the FUNET archive is not being updated, but I
> cannot do the work myself.  There are tens of megabytes of unprocessed
> uploads.  With some volunteers who would test the uploads and write
> adequate 00INDEX descriptions for them, the site could be brought up to
> date again.  I guess that many of you on this list have a similar
> situation, but I think that the task could be accomplished by a number of
> people, each of whom would invest one or two weekends in this.  Most
> unprocessed uploads are for the Commodore 64.
I would like to help in the bits of free time that I have.  Let me know where
I can start...



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