Bringing the funet archive up to date

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-01-03 16:19:13

In the past years, I've been able to invest less and less time in
maintaining the /pub/cbm archive on  The main reason is that
I'm no longer an undergraduate student with lots of free time.  I might
have made one of my biggest mistakes in the end of last year, when I left
the university after the research project I was working for ended.  Now I
have even less free time.

It's a pity to see that the FUNET archive is not being updated, but I
cannot do the work myself.  There are tens of megabytes of unprocessed
uploads.  With some volunteers who would test the uploads and write
adequate 00INDEX descriptions for them, the site could be brought up to
date again.  I guess that many of you on this list have a similar
situation, but I think that the task could be accomplished by a number of
people, each of whom would invest one or two weekends in this.  Most
unprocessed uploads are for the Commodore 64.

BTW, I found the program read6530.lst Mr. Levak mentioned.  It's now in


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