Date: 2000-12-30 21:46:30

Hallo allemaal,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

I know the first part is a little bit late. I went to Poland last Sunday 
and I made a little list with things to do. One of them was to dismantle my 
PC to stow it away in a cupboard and to replace it with an old XT (to fool 
a possible burglar). The other thing was to send you all the above message. 
Just guess in what order I put it on the list and how I fell when I 
discovered it :(

To the subject: I decided to take my laptop and some schematics of C= 
equipment to Poland to copy them to GIF-files according the orriginal 
sheets. What seemed to be a easy job turned out to be more difficult then I 
thought. There were mainly two reasons for this: 1) the sizes of the parts 
were different 2) the pinouts of the parts were different. 

I have completed the the three sheets for the C16 and I'm working on the 
SCH of the 4040. For Marko: where can I send the 3 GIF's to? (plm. 100 KB)

Going thru the sheets some questions for you raised:
- Who owns a MMF 9000 ie. the 8032 with the extra 6809 and extra memory? 
I've got two problems here: 
  1) the IC's on the memory sheet only have boardcodes. For example, U1..5 
are probably 74LS257's but somebody must confirm this. Other IC's I don't 
recognize at all. 
  2) I have 5 connectors on a sheet: P2..P6. I cannot find out their 
function (memory expansion ???). I neither cannot find P1 (if it exists at 
Please also tell me which connector of each board is connected to which 
connector of the other board.

- I found a SCH of a VIC20 version E. Remember my question about other 
versions then D? Does anyone have an E-version VIC-20?

Thanks for any help.

Groetjes, Ruud

Groetjes, Ruud

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