Re: C= parts: Amiga ROMs

From: Marcello Magnifico (
Date: 2000-12-09 17:20:35

> > The A500+ you saw must have been modified by its owner. AmigaOS 1.3 and
> > lower simply don't handle (=doesn't know about) ECS video modes. Usually

> Oh, no. The case wasn't opened in all of its life!
> The warranty seal was intact.
> I think it was one of the first A500+, shipped with the 1.3: naturally, it
> can't handle ECS modes.

WOW! Really funny: maybe this is Yet Another Commodore Strangeness that
could be reported in the "secret weapons" site, along with some late A3000
with an internal 1M76/HD "DF0:" disk drive, like the A4000! :-)

> > Something strange is puzzling me, anyway: why are there on the list two
> > ROM chips for the 2.04? Might one of the two belong to late CDTV machines?
> > I heard of some (very few) 2.0x CDTVs that were built before that machine
> > was dropped.

> Are you saying about the CDTV-II?

Maybe. What's a CDTV-II?

> Newer Kickstarts can be installed into the A1000 with some hacks.

Yes; but it isn't an "official" issue. I just meant that the A1000 has
256K RAM reserved to load Kickstart, so nobody can KickStart the A1000
from "DF0:" with anything higher than 1.3. Anyway, don't worry: it's me
who's kinda naive, thinking that someone around there might still
bootkicking the A1000... ;-)


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