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Date: 2000-12-09 14:11:33

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> The A500+ you saw must have been modified by its owner. AmigaOS 1.3 and
> lower simply don't handle (=doesn't know about) ECS video modes. Usually

Oh, no. The case wasn't opened in all of its life!
The warranty seal was intact.
I think it was one of the first A500+, shipped with the 1.3: naturally, it
can't handle ECS modes.

> Something strange is puzzling me, anyway: why are there on the list two
> ROM chips for the 2.04? Might one of the two belong to late CDTV machines?
> I heard of some (very few) 2.0x CDTVs that were built before that machine
> was dropped.

Are you saying about the CDTV-II?

> A1000 ROMs should be really small, because they just contain a loader
> to read a 256K Kickstart from "DF0:". All ROM chips after those and before
> 3.0 should be 512K. 3.0 and later are 1MB. Since "official" Kickstart

3.0 are 1Mb, yes, but it is composed by two 512Kb ROMs.
Newer Kickstarts can be installed into the A1000 with some hacks.

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