Re: C= parts: Amiga ROMs

From: Marcello Magnifico (
Date: 2000-12-07 21:22:38

> I've seen original
> CBM-made Kickstart 2.04 and 3.1 upgrade kits that had the actual ROM chip
> plugged into an extra IC socket, with pins 1 and 31 shorted by a piece of
> wire.

Me, too: the 2.04 OS kit for the A500 and A2000 was a "must have" item in
Italy around 1991. But at the time it was out, it was too much expensive
for my pockets... :-S

> it is even possible to hack an A500 motherboard
> and convert its expansion connector to a ZorroII slot...

An external expansion box was made and sold around 1989/90 in Italy. It
included a power supply, two floppy bays for 3.5", one for 5.25" and a
couple of ZorroII slots. Interestingly enough, that box was designed 
to be placed _under_ the A500. The official explanation was that the
expansion connection had to be kept as small as possible, to avoid signal
lossage or interference. It wasn't a popular product, because a "real"
2000 was instead preferred and because the keyboard was placed in a
non-ergonomical way.


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