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From: Petri Andras (
Date: 2000-12-07 17:19:58

On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> > Yes, that's OK.
> > In fact, I've got an A600 with the 2.05 kickstart.
> > But I've also seen some A500+ with the old 1.3 kickstart...
> Kickstart revision numbers don't say anything that the actual ROM chip
> is the same for all machines. E.g. there seem to be two sets of the Kick
> 3.0 ROMs for the A1200 and A4000. They should be pin compatible, but

... but they not always are. E.g. the early A500 and A2000 models had an
address line connected to pin 1 of the Kickstart ROM socket; on the later
motherboards this address line was connected to pin 31. I've seen original
CBM-made Kickstart 2.04 and 3.1 upgrade kits that had the actual ROM chip
plugged into an extra IC socket, with pins 1 and 31 shorted by a piece of

> probably contain different drivers for the slightly different hardware
> of the two machines. I think A500 and A2000 use always the same ROMs,

Yes, as the A500 and A2000 are practically equivalent: the Rev.4 A2000
motherboards are direct descendants of the A500, and the late Rev.6 A2000s
are of the A500+. The main difference is the packaging of some chips (PLCC
on A2000 vs. DIL on A500), and a few more 74LS pieces in the A2000 for
providing the ZorroII bus; it is even possible to hack an A500 motherboard
and convert its expansion connector to a ZorroII slot...

> but A600, A1200, A3000 and A4000 all differ. Not to mention A1000 and
> A3000 machines with Soft-Kickstart :-)

The latest release of the Amiga ROMs for the different models had the same
revision number (Kickstart 3.1) but various internal version numbers
(40.61, 40.63, 40.68 and 40.70 - I've seen these, but there may be even

Best wishes

Andras Petri

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