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From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 2000-12-04 18:47:27


William Levak wrote:

> > I just remembered the Atari part number in Ruud's list, and just looked
> > up something: I have an old CBM 3022 printer that has chips with Atari
> > like part number installed: instead of the two 6532 it has two "MOS
> > CO-10750 2578" installed. It seems MOS made those for Atari, but too
> > many and Commodore put them into printers instead. I also got a phone
> > call from someone recently who told me quite excited that his 8250LP
> > doesn't have 6532 installed. It also had the "Atari" chips. I wonder
> > what 65xx equivalent Ruud's chips have.
> If you buy chips in large enough quantities, you can have anything you
> want printed on them.  This is probably what Atari did.  I will have to
> look out for Atari CO-10750 chips.

I also have two CO-10750 (1082) chips in my 8050.

> > >            325340-03       6500/1 CPU for 1520
> > 
> > You mean that this is the original 6500, the 6800-pincompatible 6502?
> I got this information from a Commodore Parts list.  I don't have a 1520
> and can't confirm it.

I have a 1520; I never opened it, but as I remember from the service
manual (from Funet?) it indeed has a 6500/1 as CPU. I have no more infos
on this chip - but would be interested of the story.


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