Re: [Homestead] On the Road -- A Diary of a Commodore Grand Tour

From: Sensei David O.E. Mohr - Lord Ronin from Q-Link (
Date: 2000-11-10 11:12:11

Hoi Robert:

 We enjoyed your trip to our little group. Very honoured that you let us
copy our disks on your machine. <gotta score up one of those for my C=
collection> Didn't know you were a Benny Hill fan. most of us are as well,
plus Monty Python. We are small but rather loud in our fantaical devotion
to the sacred C=. BTW: hope you were able to put those reels to good
use. Next time through this way. Stop by again. Should have the new
location for the Shop and the group by that time. Till then as Stan Lee
used to say <fliked of course> Make mine Commodore.

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