Vintage Computer Festival 4.0 photos on-line

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(Cue the 1950's science-fiction music.)

Out of the murky depths, it invades...  It takes over...  It cannot be
stopped...  It's (reverb on) "Photos from the Vintage Computer Festival
4.0"!  (reverb off)

Your mind will be in shock at the scenes of the Fresno Commodore User
Group table and Amiga Lorraine prototype.  Your skin will crawl as you spy
Cameron Kaiser of Hyperlink 2.5 in front of his Tomy Tutor-Commodore
exhibit.  Your senses will be attacked as you view such luminaries as
Larry Anderson and his wife, Diane Hare; John Elko, Dale Luck, Ryan
Czerwinski, Ed Hart, and others.  You'll scream at the sight of the
award-winning Atari exhibit.  Aaaaaaaa!!!

Do you dare enter the realm of such unspeakable fantasy?  Then go to   (reverb on) It is the
ultimate in imagination! (reverb off)

Directed by Dick Estel.  Cinematography by Robert Bernardo.  Presented in
C= Super Dynavision (or in other words, click on the pictures to enlarge
or download them).

(Music rises.  Fade out.)

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