RE: Serial IEC bus for PETs

From: COPLIN, Nicholas. (
Date: 2000-11-03 21:43:57

perhaps this is an area for Ruud's XIEEE adaptor...

if the protocols were simple and well defined, and the adaptor also "fixed" 
with respect to specification then it should also not be very hard to
interface this to the 64HDD emulator or other such drive emulation program
(eg Ruud's PC-DISK).  If this were possible then it would eliminate the need
for the special serial "driver" on the PET and compatibility would be
increased... unfortunately my PET doesn't talk to its 3040, but never had
time to diagnose whether it was a drive or computer problem....

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> Alohas. 
> Undoubtedly, the following has been invented before, and I'm a bit 
> curious why it didn't work out. 
> Considering that there are numerous tools to transfer .d64 images back
> and forth with a PC, and considering that I do have a 1541
> semi-permanently
> attached to my PC, while I only have one 1001 in working order, woudln't
> it be possible to port the serial code from the VIC to a PET, using
> the userport? AFAIK, all needed I/O lines are available, so things
> wouldn't
> be very difficult. Ofcourse, you'd need to modify the KERNAL to make
> things fully transparant, but maybe a simple program capable of
> transferring
> files from a 1541 over a serial link to a 'normal' PET drive would be
> enough - it would be enough for me ;)
> Any ideas?
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