Serial IEC bus for PETs

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 2000-10-30 14:48:05


Undoubtedly, the following has been invented before, and I'm a bit 
curious why it didn't work out. 

Considering that there are numerous tools to transfer .d64 images back
and forth with a PC, and considering that I do have a 1541 semi-permanently
attached to my PC, while I only have one 1001 in working order, woudln't
it be possible to port the serial code from the VIC to a PET, using
the userport? AFAIK, all needed I/O lines are available, so things wouldn't
be very difficult. Ofcourse, you'd need to modify the KERNAL to make
things fully transparant, but maybe a simple program capable of transferring
files from a 1541 over a serial link to a 'normal' PET drive would be
enough - it would be enough for me ;)

Any ideas?

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