Date: 2000-10-20 22:06:57

> There is an end of transmission signal sent from the drive, apart from the
> IEEE protocol, that indicates that loading has terminated.  I am not
> familiar with what that actually is....

That is the EOI-signal which is a sepperate line on the IEEE-bus. The 
EOI-signal on the IEC-bus is created by fiddling around with some timings.

The bytes where I am talking about are $48 and $60 which appear after the drive 
has sent two or three bytes. Why is the computer sending these bytes? Why do 
they appear in the middle of the transmission of the third byte? A little bit 
further you se the C= transmits a $5F, Untalk, as well. Why didn't it earlier?

Groetjes, Ruud

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