Re: Serial mouse interface - finished

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2000-10-20 17:57:28


Andrew Vardy wrote:

> Wow.  That was a lot of work!  :)

Phew... you bet I was quite fed up with this line when I finished the
document ;-).

BTW, you know how it goes... You start something, then you have some
results but despite your work, the design still has lots of flaws. Then
you got upset an put the whole matter away from yourself. Later you
either stumble upon it again or it itselves simply won't let you forget
it ;-). So you take it back and try to go by another ways... Finally,
you wish the whole matter into the hell but can't let yourself stop
finishing it since it'd mean wasting a hell of time and effort - without
sharing your results...
> It's too bad we can't have just gone and all plugged a PC mouse into a
> Swiftlink.

It's too bad that Commodore didn't realize how important a mouse is -
and be the 1351 silly or not, later didn't support it enough in the
market to make it popular, thus developers would have been supposed to
support it natively (at least, more often...).

> BTW, would you have any idea how you cut circuit board into precise sizes?

I used to cut the boards to size after the PCB is ready on the plate,
but still before drilling the holes. The cutting is done using a simple
metal saw blade, then the edges are corrected and softened on an emery
paper stretched on a flat iron surface. ...It's not really precise, but
it's simple and works O.K. for homemade stuff.



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