Re: Basic compilers on PET?

From: ken ross (
Date: 2000-10-20 01:50:18

speaking as a user of petspeed on a real 8000  who's catching up on emails
after a HD disaster I'm not sure if this point's been made before .
petspeed needs a dongle to compile but can run on any machine  ( hurrah ! )
however DTL needs a dongle to create & run which makes it useless from my
point of view , i've got a DTL dongle or two lurking in my collection (
including one i'm sure for the 700 )

the petspeed dongle is impervious to x- rays  ( don't ask ) so i can't
verify whats inside the potted block to reproduce it ....

On the C64 side of things petspeed64 used a coloured sheet & x/y co-ords
for it's dongle - and i'v got a scan of it on my website BTW .


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