Re: VIC-10 and VIC-1112 schematics

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-10-12 10:45:25

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> I visited Schaltungsdiesnt Lange in Berlin last Monday.  Their database is
> rather badly organized; it appears to be impossible to search by anything
> else than model names.

For those who want to see it themselves:
and then visit "Katalog".

> Old schematics are pretty expensive: 10 DM for a single sheet.  On the
> other hand, newer service manuals consisting of dozens of pages were in
> the 20..40 DM range.  I bought a copy of the UltiMax a.k.a. VIC-10

Is this also true for Commodore Service manuals? I badly need either a
8250LP or SFD1001 service manual, I hope I can find alignment
instructions in there. Those damn drives don't have the test points to
connect an oscilloscope like older 8x50 drives :-(

> simple memory expansions (with address decoding and buffering logic), but
> one was the schematic diagram of the VC-1112 IEEE-488 interface for the
> VIC-20.  It was "friendly" enlarged to DIN A3 size; I'll have to scan it
> in two A4 parts some day.

This cartridge is for sale quite often on German auction sites, like, or others. I have one, it looks like new. Now I only
need a cartridge expander, it doesn't make much sense to connect 2MB of
disk space to a computer with 5k RAM.

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