VIC-10 and VIC-1112 schematics

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-10-12 10:08:21

I visited Schaltungsdiesnt Lange in Berlin last Monday.  Their database is
rather badly organized; it appears to be impossible to search by anything
else than model names.

Old schematics are pretty expensive: 10 DM for a single sheet.  On the
other hand, newer service manuals consisting of dozens of pages were in
the 20..40 DM range.  I bought a copy of the UltiMax a.k.a. VIC-10
schematics.  Bad news: it's exactly as bad quality as the one I
snail-mailed to Ruud a couple of years ago.  It'd require lots of work
after scanning; the diagram is barely readable.

I went through their whole catalog, searching for older Commodore stuff.
As their archive wasn't very well organized, I only requested a handful of
items starting with VC for closer investigation.  Most of them were just
simple memory expansions (with address decoding and buffering logic), but
one was the schematic diagram of the VC-1112 IEEE-488 interface for the
VIC-20.  It was "friendly" enlarged to DIN A3 size; I'll have to scan it
in two A4 parts some day.


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