Re: odd c64 and nice pet find

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-10-03 14:35:06

William Levak wrote:
> This was a constant problem with those keyboards.  You will have to take
> it apart and clean the contacts.

Great, thanks! This means there are chances the VIA or PIA is still
good. It would've been a pity to put a replacement into an otherwise
original mainboard.

> > The sticker doesn't look like peeled off a real C64C and then put onto
> > that machine, someone with a set of spare stickers or a good talent to
> > remove stickers must've done this.
> This is probably a reconditioned unit.  Commodore sold replacement labels
> to authorized service dealers.

That explains a lot. I now opened the machine (and destroyed the
warranty seal), because it wasn't working. Bad power switch. Otherwise
the machine is fine, but heavily repaired. The C64A (250407 rev A) is
one of the oldest ones I saw, it even has the patch wire on the power
socket. It's also of much better PCB quality than most C64A I saw. But
it got a new CIA, PLA, VIC-II, CPU and maybe SID: All have been socketed
during the repair. It also seems to have a replacement modulator, it is
the newer PAL type from the C64B with the PAL-G/I switch on the side.
Together with the 6569R5 which is in there, this makes this C64A the
only one I ever had that has an acceptable video output. But the stupid
thing has the old rev 2 ROM in there :-(


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