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Date: 2000-10-03 05:59:01

Hello Ruud,
Peter Weighill has also writen some QBASIC conversion utilities (back in
1994, available on the net CBM2IBM and IBM2CBM) and these use the {} method
you suggest. 

The {} method is perhaps the easiest to standardise to with the option of
expressing things as both {code} and {function}, eg {28} is equivalent to

any thoughts?
- Nick

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> Hallo Nick, Peter, William,
> Thanks for answering. But your answers showed me that I was not precise
> enough 
> with my question. Converting tokens to text and VV. is not the problem.
> The 
> problem starts with "CURSOR UP", "CLEAR SCREEN" and equivalents. But what
> to do 
> with the "graphical characters"? 
> My own solution is to use abreviations between accolades like {up}, {<-}
> (= 
> cursor left), {clr} etc. Graphical characters are represented by there
> decimal 
> value: {96}, (160) etc. The commands are noted down in lowercase like I'm
> used 
> to with the CSM's. But I'm changing my PRG to accept uppercase as well.
> Quoted 
> text is noted as in shift-mode. Main reason for this is that most of my
> PRG's are written for my CBM's.
> Nick:
> > All are available if you need them.
> Please. Give me your site or email them. If possible with that part of the
> sources which show me how you represent the non-tokens.
> For Peter, I visited your IDOC-site but couldn't find your bastext-PRG. I
> most 
> likely missed due to the fact that I had to attend my youngest son as
> well. The 
> one moment I didn't, he pushed the bl%^&*dy resetbutton. In such a moment
> I'm 
> glad that I'm still doing my internet and email with W3.11.
> I would be happy if you could send me the part of the sources mentioned
> above 
> as well.
> For those who are interested why I need it: I sometimes develop BASIC PRGs
> during the time I cannot proceed with my original work. And my boss
> doesn't 
> allow me to bring my C64 to work. (I still wonder why?) The RS6000 I'm
> working 
> allows me to save the PRG to floppy as an ASCII file. Rather then typing
> it 
> again on my C64, I decided to program this conversion PRG.
> Groetjes, Ruud
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