Date: 2000-09-28 20:07:29

Hallo Nick, Peter, William,

Thanks for answering. But your answers showed me that I was not precise enough 
with my question. Converting tokens to text and VV. is not the problem. The 
problem starts with "CURSOR UP", "CLEAR SCREEN" and equivalents. But what to do 
with the "graphical characters"? 
My own solution is to use abreviations between accolades like {up}, {<-} (= 
cursor left), {clr} etc. Graphical characters are represented by there decimal 
value: {96}, (160) etc. The commands are noted down in lowercase like I'm used 
to with the CSM's. But I'm changing my PRG to accept uppercase as well. Quoted 
text is noted as in shift-mode. Main reason for this is that most of my BASIC 
PRG's are written for my CBM's.
> All are available if you need them.

Please. Give me your site or email them. If possible with that part of the 
sources which show me how you represent the non-tokens.

For Peter, I visited your IDOC-site but couldn't find your bastext-PRG. I most 
likely missed due to the fact that I had to attend my youngest son as well. The 
one moment I didn't, he pushed the bl%^&*dy resetbutton. In such a moment I'm 
glad that I'm still doing my internet and email with W3.11.
I would be happy if you could send me the part of the sources mentioned above 
as well.

For those who are interested why I need it: I sometimes develop BASIC PRGs 
during the time I cannot proceed with my original work. And my boss doesn't 
allow me to bring my C64 to work. (I still wonder why?) The RS6000 I'm working 
allows me to save the PRG to floppy as an ASCII file. Rather then typing it 
again on my C64, I decided to program this conversion PRG.

Groetjes, Ruud

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