Date: 2000-09-28 15:46:31

Hallo Jeri,

I'm offering my help. My backgrounds: I studied computer-HW and worked with HW 
until the Gulf-war. (No kidding, some lunatic shot a granate right thru our 
office in Kuwait. This and the after affects caused the company I worked for to 
go bankrupt :( ) I focused on SW, mainly Oracle, but kept interested in HW. But 
practically I'm still used to think in gates and working with standard TTL-IC's.

>     I am having a hard time deciding where to plug this thing in.  I
> actually started the project AS a super C64 on a chip or two.  Mostly my
> design has been around VIC compatible registers on a much faster buss.  If I
> hack this into a C64 then I'm stuck with that configuration(memory map) in
> the S-C64.

Personally I like to see first something that could replace the original 
VIC-II. The knowledge gained with this design (and other sepperate designs) 
could be used to build your S64. But, to be honnest, I don't understand your 
remark "I'm stuck with that configuration(memory map)". Please explain.

>     Any help people can give with the original VIC internals will be very
> helpfull.

Sorry, I don't know anything about the video-part at all. I even don't know the 
words "copper" and "blitter".
I have been busy designing a REU using standard TTL-IC's. Maybe this is a part 
I can focus on. The problem probably will be how to translate my idea's in 
something you can use for your VHDL. 

Groetjes, Ruud

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