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From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 2000-09-01 09:02:18

> 	SAA 7111A HZ
> 	A7827.00
> 	kSD9942
> 	V3 X

That's the brains.. :-) Or the vision half of the brains..

The Enhanced Video Input Processor (EVIP) is a combination of a two-channel
analog preprocessing circuit including source selection, anti-aliasing filter
and ADC, an automatic clamp and gain control, a Clock Generation Circuit
(CGC), a digital multi-standard decoder (PAL BGHI, PAL, MPAL N, NTSC M,
NTSC-Japan, NTSC N, and SECAM), a brightness/contrast/saturation control
circuit, a colour space matrix (see Fig.1) and a 27 MHz VBI-data bypass. -> search saa7111a

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