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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-09-01 07:15:58

Steve Judd wrote:
> Hola,
> On 23 Aug 2000 wrote:
> > Have you looked inside the box yet to see what the ICs were?
> There are two fairly large surface-mounted chips, a few small surface
> mounts, one socketed chip, and the usual array of capacitors and resistors
> and such.

...and on the Jam!!:

Circuit Board is rather small L-Shaped unit ( about the size of a
commodore plus/4 cartridge housing with a tad off to the side, the L
necessay to provide room for all the i/o, power connectors, button and LED)

It has 6 ICs (all surface mount, none socketed) two of wich are
significant in size
Largest one is:
SEC  704A

Second largest:
ALV 8000

Well the second chip is obviosly their own chip (AIMS Lab Singapore/US),
looked for the website (listed on the JAM: ) no
DNS entry, did some Yahoo searching and they went out of business un
August 1999, no wonder I got this thing so cheap.  (:/)

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