Re: GO64 tech stuff?

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-08-25 13:06:54

peter karlsson wrote:
> Richard Atkinson:
> > Something just came up on #c-64 IRC channel. Apparently there's an
> > interesting article about a new hack found with the VIC-IIe in the German
> > GO64 magazine. Has anyone read this article yet?
> Yeah, it was quite amazing how good of a picture quality you got on the
> IFLIs when running in this mode -- almost no flickering! Unfortunately, I
> could not get my monitor to sync when running the standard BASIC text mode
> enhancer, but perhaps I need to reduce colours to black or something.

What monitor do you have? Maybe it's necessary to adjust the refresh rate
in the viewer programs. With 60Hz refresh the image is still very flicker
free. This is something most users of a PAL machine don't know: NTSC with
60Hz is much superior if absence of flicker has priority. It's really a big
difference, and the extra 4Hz are not really needed. But as I said, there
should be an effect on NTSC machines as well, and on all monitors that work
at 60Hz, 64Hz also wasn't a problem. My PAL 1702 would even go to something
like 70Hz if I adjusted the VHOLD pot :-) I tried it, but I didn't
calculate the actual refresh rate.

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