CBM 8280

From: Nicolas Welte (welte_at_chemie.uni-konstanz.de)
Date: 2000-08-22 16:31:24


a friend of mine aquired a non working CBM8280 8" dual disk drive. He tried
to repair it, but without service information this is a difficult task. He
also probably doesn't want to ship it to me, since it is such a huge

He says the upper drive LED (red) is constantly on, the lower drive LED
(red) is blinking. Otherwise the drive seems to be dead. He also tried to
replace all socketed chips, the last one being the 1797 FDC. I found a 2797
(uh, 5V version of 1797) somewhere and I sent it to him, but it didn't
help. Does anybody have ideas or maybe even schematics?

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