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Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2017 22:20:21 +0200
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Re: RetrobrightYeah, I have forgotten the label damage. I used to stick a transparent tape on the labels like scotch tape. It protects the label from direct impact.

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My experience with Retrobrighting was with oxy laundry bleach and a fluorescent black-light. I took a few photos HERE. 
The temperature of the water has to exceed 55c for it to release peroxide, and it took 3 cycles, with about 400G of oxy bleach in each batch. 
The discolouration of the plastic was more severe than the photo indicates (but not as bad as I've seen it), and the result whiter than it looks in the final assembled photo, but the difference was striking. Unlike some reports the bleaching has held after 4 years and the machine still looks great.

The rather ghoulish unearthly blue glow is of course due to the fluorescent dye in modern bleaches to make things "Whiter than white". 

I prefer a lighter hand with things like retrobrighting, and don't aim for gleaming pristine newness at all costs. label damage, blotchiness and surface damage can make matters worse: something I have, unfortunately experienced.

I also have a natural wariness of caustic chemicals.



      My experience with the plastic wrap is that it causes patch effects. I would not recommend that. It is better to keep your eyes on it and reapply retrobright when it dries.
      When it is on the sun you will see the color change and know when it is ready.


      From: Terry Raymond
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      I have the different recipes for Retrobright 
      Hydrogen Peroxide 
      OXY Clean
      Corn Starch for thickener

      Then paint on with paintbrush wrap with plastic wrap.
      Let sit in sun and rotate  case etc, but how long and when would I need to rotate plastic?

      Terry Raymond 

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