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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 12:53:39 +0200
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>> Hi 
>> I have the different recipes for Retrobright
>> Hydrogen Peroxide
>> OXY Clean
>> Corn Starch for thickener
>> Then paint on with paintbrush wrap with plastic wrap.
>> Let sit in sun and rotate  case etc, but how long and when would I need to rotate plastic?

> My experience with the plastic wrap is that it causes patch effects. I would not recommend that. It is better to keep your eyes on it and reapply retrobright when it dries.

There are dozens of recipes for that and very few of them give decent results. Wrapping is generally used to keep the vapour trapped and prevent drying. Yet if the wrapping touches the treated surface you'll mostly get patchy results. If you let the mixture dry, you'll get patchy results too. If you keep reapplying you'll get somewhat less patchy results. If you use the xantan gum mixture, the least patchy result might be achieved with regular (preferably distilled) water fog-spraying over the treated surface. Yet google may give you dozens more approaches ;-)

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