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Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 23:05:36 +0100
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On Thursday 16 March 2017, 18:02:00 Nick Vivid <> wrote:
> I am doing some programming for EasyFlash, and being an inexperienced newb
> with cartridges, I'm having an interesting problem, but someone here may
> know it immediately when I describe it.
> I wanted to fit a small (24k) program into one of the left-side, Slot 0,
> "Freezer" slots. The program crashes every time on load. The program is a
> terminal program, and does a fair amount of disk and user port access.
> Tried all sorts of solutions to fix the issue. Nothing worked.
> Then I thought to myself, if EF3 likes Freezer carts so much in this area,
> maybe I should just freeze the program and put it over there. And sure
> enough, the version that was frozen with Retro Replay totally works fine.
> So I'm wondering, maybe this has something to do with the Kernal? Does EF
> clear the Kernal or rewrite part of the Kernal of those slots, expecting a
> replacement to be put in? That's just my uneducated theory.. I'm really not
> sure.
> I'm using the Easyflash makefile to design the menu and add the program.
> Any insight into this phenomenon would be appreciated.

you probably have to reset the machine in a similar way as the kernal would do 
before you can run your program, have a look at a kernal disassembly and 
basically do whatever the kernal does before it gives control to the basic 


It's extremely rare for people to use d64 format for emulators like WinVICE, 
CCS64, and Hoax64. 
<Jim Drew>

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