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From: Francesco Messineo <>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 19:16:37 +0100
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On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 6:58 PM, Jim Brain <> wrote:

> EAGLE supports auto back annotations (if you change the name or technology
> of a component in the PCB view, it updates in the schematic view.  If you
> move a wire in the schematic view, it auto-updates in the PCB view.  I use
> this feature extensively to route CPLDs, having both views on dual monitors
> at once and watching how the CPLD pin placement affects possible routing
> options.

ok, as I said on another message, that isn't supported.

> If we were in the same vicinity, I would be happy to challenge you to a
> "CAD-off" :-)  We can probably lay out the major footprints and placement in
> the same timeframe, but I know all the shortcuts in the tool to make
> tweaking of the design a breeze.  I both have less understanding of the
> KiCAD tool and also know that some of the shortcuts I use all the time are
> not in KiCAD at present.

you like to win easy then :)
I'm not a professional user, I did quite a few boards, even with > 100
footprints, but I take my time, so finishing a board in one or two
months isn't a big issue.
I didn't even bother to learn keyboard shortcuts :)
I tweak a PCB for hours and usually the first three or four batches
are different as I keep on tweaking a working PCB to make it
smaller/better or whatever I like.

> However, regardless of tool, I agree with your assessment that using
> pre-built libs is a crap shoot.  On the other hand, who wants to spend all
> evening making footprints?  In this age of $20.00 for 5 prototype boards,
> it's often worth the risk to do a spot check and roll the dice.

yeah, I've lost some batches, but I hate to throw them away, in this
part of the world, PCB come from another continent and take 30 days to
arrive even when I'm lucky. Unless I want to spend a small fortune on
So, as I said, I take my time because a bad batch means a month worth
of tweaking.


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