Re: Replacement drive mechanism for 1581

Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2016 11:37:44 +0200
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> On 2016-08-24, at 06:14, William Levak <wlevak@SDF.ORG> wrote:
> 1581 -motor on is on pin 16, which is the same on PC drives.  Both drive selects on the 1581 are NC.

No. Not "both". All three of them are NC. Except the one that matters, which is /DS0.

>  That means the 1581 doesn't use drive select,

a) it wasn't true in the first place and b) it doesn't mean that.

And 1581 does use drive select (it uses "always selected" /DS0).

> but he PC drive does,

All drives do. Either dynamic ones like generated by Amiga / PC controllers (where more than one drive can be used) or static one (GND) like in the case of 1581 controller, where there is no option of having more than one drive addressed.

> so PC drive select 1 must be grounded.

That's what Mike suggested as an alternative to making the drive respond to /DS0. Since the controller was never designed to handle more than one drive - that's a viable alternative.


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