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> On 2016-07-24, at 12:17, Gerrit Heitsch <> wrote:
>>>>>                _______                 _______
>>>>>          _RES [1  V   ] Phi2     Phi0 [1  V   ] _RES
>>>>>          Phi0 [       ] R/_W    _HALT [       ] Phi2
>>>> This is wrong btw, that #HALT pin is RDY.  Where does that #HALT name
>>>> come from?
>>> Good question, it's been a long time since I wrote that. I'll change it.
>>> Still means the same though. RDY = HIGH => CPU is running. #HALT = LOW
>>> => CPU is stopped.
>> Except during writes, etc.  But where did you get the name?  I've never
>> seen it before.
> Don't ask me, I wrote that little text file years ago when I wanted to see the difference between 6510 and 6510T side by side. It's been fixed.

Or changed, I'd say. Actually I recall seeing _HALT or _HLT more than once in the old days (and not from your posts, Gerrit :-). I even remember that I was later looking "where the heck is that pin about halting the CPU?!" before I realised it's named differently. Don't ask me where it was though. I can guess in either some of the German magazines or some Compute! ones as those were the only sources of this kind of information for me in the eighties. OTOH to me it looks more like _HALT being the input (CPU - don't move!) and RDY being output (I, the CPU am RDY working). So the "wrong" one seems more "right" ;-)


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