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Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2016 21:58:31 +0200
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> On 2016-06-03, at 15:30, Konrad B <> wrote:
> Neither Indus GT nor Oceanic (and their clones - I have 5 of the "Oceanic & alike" drives) had CBM's gate arrays. And their boards do not seem to be much different to this.

I have somewhere a couple of the oceanic-alike drives but the last time I saw them inside was when I had to repair one (1) in the early nineties. Maybe you're just right. Since they were rare enough here, it didn't stick in memory how they look inside.

> What is MEL ? Mitsubishi Electric (they used MEL acronym) ? But this MEL9501-40 chip would otherwise had their standard logo.

Right - that's why I say it's who knows what ;-)


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