Re: VIC-20 "smart" expansion port idea

From: Marko Mäkelä <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 21:56:51 +0200
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On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 01:00:38PM -0600, Jim Brain wrote:
>I have two versions of my expansion.  VIC-MIDI (512k/128k) and UltiMem 
>(8M/1M)  I have not put UltiMem in the store yet.

It is also in the VICE Subversion repository since r30371. I also ported 
most of the Vic Flash Plugin software to it, and I plan to release that 
on my home page as soon as I can test it on the real hardware.

A planned follow-up development is a rudimentary flash file system, so 
that you can use the 8MiB or 512KiB flash as mass storage, in case you 
prefer a barebones system with the minimum amount of cables. The file 
system probably will not support proper deleting or save-and-replace, 
but it would support subdirectories. (We can mark files deleted by 
clearing some bit. If you want to reclaim space, you have to erase the 
whole file system.)

The current software allows you to create and write an image that 
contains directories of program files or ROM images. I created a test 
image with some 5 megabytes of Vic-20 software. Unlike in the Vic Flash 
Plugin (which was never mass-produced), the image is in uncompressed 
format, and ROM images are always aligned on 8KiB pages, so that a 4KiB 
ROM would occupy 8KiB. The benefit is that they can be launched 
instantaneously, without any copying.

So far, nobody seemed to answer my question about Vic-20 cartridges that 
use I/O2 or I/O3. I know only one such cartridge: the tape fastloader 
Vic Rabbit maps 4KiB of ROM there. But is there anything that maps 
hardware to I/O2 or I/O3? Any EPROM burner? Relay controller?  Anything 
done and distributed in a smaller scale by some third party? Or were 
most peripherals for the user port and the IEC bus?


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