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From: HÁRSFALVI Levente <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2016 16:05:18 +0100
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On 2016-01-08 14:50, Marko Mkel wrote:
> ...
> I wonder if KiCAD/gEDA can be tweaked to support two-way annotation
> (rename a signal in the circuit board, and get it renamed in the
> schematics), or even incremental design (modify the schematic without
> having to restart your circuit board design from the scratch). Maybe
> there are some scripts for doing this; AFAIU the format is text-based
> and thus theoretically easy to handle by sed, awk, perl, and of course
> version control systems.

That AFAIK doesn't work out of the box. (It's an one-way process, ie. 
schematics --> netlist + annotations --> PCB editor.)

> Another concern that I had was how to submit the board designs to
> manufacturing. Many shops take Eagle files.

As far as I can see the standard format for shops is usually gerber + 
drill files (a large percentage also accepting files in the more popular 
proprietary CAD programs formats). I could at least successfully 
generate gerber + drill output from KiCAD and have a PCB shop 
manufacture the board a couple of years ago.

> Right, someone please pave the road for us all! :)

On a related note, speaking as a regular CirCAD user back in the '90s, 
KiCAD slightly feels like some of its design principles were borrowed 
from CirCAD. I wouldn't call myself an expert in KiCAD (only ever 
designed simple through-hole boards in it and also haven't touched it 
for the last, say, two years), but for me the move has been relatively 
easy. I needed to re-create stuff of course (most definitely, converting 
libraries from an ancient system was out of question), but the stuff's 
"way of thinking" has been familiar right from the start.

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