Re: A bigger harddisk for your Commodore 80286 PC

From: Jim Brain <>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 00:23:36 -0500
Message-ID: <>
On 10/19/2015 12:16 AM, wrote:
> Hallo Bo,
>> ... and installing a battery mount on later PCs that have the
>> black box battery + rt clock.
> Could you be a bit more precise, please? So far I only have three
> options:
> - replacing those Dallas RTCs with newer ones
> - filing of the top, removing the dead battery and adding a new
>   one / adding an accu
> - feeding the Dallas with a 4.8V accu making it think it is powered
> all the time. (not tried yet, could involve cutting a wire,
> something I don't like right now)
I am not sure the third option is really workable, but the 2nd option 
I've done a few times on other machines.  I used this primer:

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