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From: Daniel V. Mackey <>
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 2015 21:30:18 -0400
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>Hi if I remember right the European 128D is different than the U.S. made
>128DCR, but maybe some
>things are similar.
>I have 3 128DCR's and they all had the same problem.
>There was a guy in the U.S. Al Anger that did a hack years ago, what this
>does is you cut one trace and
>solder onto the pad of the cut trace and 2 other traces you solder wires
>onto, on the other end of these wires you solder the wires to a simple
>OFF/ON toggle switch.  This totally disables the internal 1571
>controller board, but the usual IEC serial port is not affected and you can
>then use Device#8 since the internal 1571 ties this up (really frustrating).
>But Im not sure if the Plastic European 128D internal 1571
>circuit is on a separate board or on the Motherboard?  I think Al was doing
>this on a 128DCR, but I can
>find out if he included the European model.
>I did this hack to one of my 128DCR's and the annoying problem of disks has
>gone away and the only real
>solution I can think of.  I will look for the paper for this hack and post
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