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Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2015 01:16:58 +0200
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Thanks, Wiliam, for instructions about disk alignment, that's instructive
and I've never risked myself on this until now...

My C128D is not a cost reduced one (it's a plastic case) and I never saw a
C128DCR sufficiently close to distinguish drive mechanics, I think it's
mecanically similar to "early" 1571 in your document.

Effectively, the drive might be misaligned as I have no history of it's
operation, but, even misaligned, it should be able to format a disk.

The idea of a trouble on head 0 is a possibility that I think to test at
first. My idea is the following.
- Move the head connector 1 step away (must check to confirm direction) in
order to have physical head 1 connected to electronic head 0
- Switch the drive to 1541 mode and try to format a disk

If it succeed, then I can go further on physical head 0 issue (or cable or
whatever). The drive should not be too disturbed by the head 1 being on air
in single head mode, whatever alignment is good or not; right ?

If it fails, then I may have either an head 0 (in electronic board) failure
or a mechanical failure.

To distinguish between a "drive" or "electronic" failure, I may also try to
swap electronic board with a known good one that I have right under the hand
- should have tried this at first time !


Will update you on my progresses - Hervé




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Try an alignment.  It is pretty easy to align the internal drive by
attaching an external drive and running the program found here:

Bill Degnan
twitter: billdeg

On Aug 15, 2015 8:32 PM, "Julian Perry" <> wrote:

With error21 (No sync)in most modes, my guess it's likely a failed R/W head
on side 0, or failed clamping/damaged head 1 spring.



Hi, friends

I recently bought a C128D in south of France during my holidays. It was time
for testings...

- The C128 by itself seems to operate perfectly correctly (that's it - no
deep test performed yet)
- The integrated 1571 can't read (write) anything. Here is what I've tried
so far

all 4 tests with any known good disk
1) load "$" => drive not ready (74) in 1541 or 1571 mode
2) switching to 1541 or 1571 mode result to read error (21) [18,0]
3) new command (n0:toto,xx) result to read error (21) [0,0] in 1541 mode
4) new command (n0:toto,xx) result to read error (20) [0,0] in 1571 mode

6526 resealted - heads cleaned
spinning and all 3 sensors seems okay

Does anyone have a suggestion for next steps ?

Regards - Hervé

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