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From: didier derny <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 22:02:23 +0200
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  I checked the price the mt8808ae are cheap compared to other chips

Another problem is to place the Bluetooth module at the right place
that's why I'm thinking to put a connector with either the hc05 on
the PCB (if it works), or with a flat cable and hold over the shield with
double side tape

the slave module on a breadboard:

Another problem: the connector for C116 / Plus4
I made one with a row of pins with the pins thinned with a diamond file
(works fine but took me hours to make one)

On 30/06/2015 21:38, wrote:
> On 2015-06-30 20:55, didier derny wrote:
>>>> All the projects I found are using analog switch so I moved to this
>>>> solution I found 3 chips, this one is different
>>> I am not sure I understand this. Is your project going to use an
>>> analogue switch IC or not? I take "yes", judging by the following parts.
>> yes seems ok, several project use this solution or variation on this
>> solution
> I see. For a moment I thought that maybe you found a way to make it work
> reliably w/o the switches. Those chips are quite budget hungry.
>> I'm using bt module to avoid piercing hole in old cases
> That's what I like about it. I'd imagine (my favourite approach) a kind
> of riser board getting between the original kbd connectors and allowing
> wireless KBD for the old machines. I love this idea.
>> I want a very small slave board small enough to fit inside  a C116
> Would be great, of course. Even if you have for example separate the
> power supply unit to another small one (like if you need something else
> than 5V) it might still be a viable approach.
>>> I remember I looked at "Analog Devices" chip some time ago. I checked
>>> now and found:
>>> seems to be still "current", small and available in quantities but the
>>> supply is either 12V or +/-5V, which incurs extra cost per board. But...
>> I'll check this one but I don't like the 12v
> The one you mentioned needs it too.
>> Once it is working correctly on several machine, if someone wants to
>> take the control of this project
>> and produce the board... I'll give all the détails (there is only one
>> condition, the goal of this project
>> is not to make money but to produce a board with a modern keyboard for
>> our old machines
> Well, one doesn't even make a living with those things today, let alone
> real money ;-) In any case, even if you offer the designs and
> ready-to-produce files/documentation, expect that there always will be
> some people who will try to "make money" by selling those on ebay or so.
>> where the original
>> keyboard is often faulty (I've never really been able to use my C116 due
>> to keyboard problems)
> I guess all C116s suffered the same fate. Their keyboards were probably
> worse than Sinclair's ones.
>> I've a small problem if I want to support the old pets the 8x8 is not
>> enough
> The family of chips I pointed you to has also 8x12 variant. That should
> cover up to 96 keys, I guess.

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