Re: Working Commodore LCD emulator & specification is available now

From: LGB Z <>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2015 15:34:25 +0200
Message-ID: <>


Nice!! :) Hopefully not an 1st of April joke only :)

> The next step would either be getting the emulator to run directly
> on the microcontroller, or trying to add in some of the original
> ICs... but I've had fun so far!

Heh, I keep a 65816 (it was easier to get than a 65C02 ...) and two VIAs on
my shelf since months in the hope that I build something like a CLCD one day. But it
seems this day never comes ... My idea was using real CPU, VIAs, but implementing the
custom logic (MMU, LCD controller ...) in CPLD (if it fits ...). Shame on me, I still
learn VHDL only since ages, so it will take forever ...

Anyway having a 65816 has a benefit: the machine can have its own special mode too,
that the CPU can address the full address space without the MMU (of course it should
be switchable, so the the machine can be used as an 'original' CLCD machine as well).

I still miss the 6551 (ACIA) though, to put on an ESP8266 .. so a wifi capable CLCD
is not impossible :) 

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