Re: Fixing the C900 power supply

From: Michal Pleban <>
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2015 21:45:28 +0100
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W dniu 2015-01-03 09:59, napisał(a):

> I also hobby a lot with old PCs with AT-style power connectors.
> These can be swapped. When testing boards and not paying enough
> attention, I did swap them. The result, depending on the the PSU: in
> some case nothing at all happened but most of the time the PSU made
> this high pitch sound. And then I knew I either hadn't been carefull
> enough with placing the connectors or some condensors on the board
> were making trouble. In 99% of the cases this were original IBM
> boards. I then connected an heavy duty PSU and simply waited until
> the faulty condensor(s) went PUFFFF :) Remark: do this outside your
> house because of the smell!

The Commodore power connectors cannot be swapped, and it was when I 
turned the computer on without opening it yet so the connector 
(supposedly) should be in the original position.

> Remark: see it as a positive sign that your PSU is still making
> sound.

That is encouraging ;-)


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