Re: TED bug?

From: Istvan Hegedus <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2014 20:04:11 +0100
Message-ID: <>

> I haven't seen this problem, but may I ask why you'd want to use the STOP 
> bit at all? If you want better than normal speed, just allow TED to double 
> clock the CPU and disable the display. This should run the CPU on double 
> clock all the time (except the 5 refresh cycles per scanline). You only 
> get to see the border color though.

Yes I know this is better way for speeding up calculation. I don't want to 
use TED stop just investigating how it works.
I am collecting information on TED for a future project...

> If you're on a PAL system and want even better speed while not caring 
> about the video output at all, disable the display and then switch TED to 
> NTSC. This changes the clock divider from 10 to 8 which will run the CPU 
> on a PAL system on about 2.2 MHz. This assumes that the rest of the system 
> can keep up and the CPU is well cooled...

Good idea, I will try it after I installed DIP cooler to the CPU.


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