Re: V364 information and demo

From: Rob Clarke <>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 19:54:59 +0200
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Hi Gerrit,

> So to me it looks like whoever did the layout for your board used the 
> old schematics in that part and from the spacing I would assume that 
> it was meant for resistors. They caught it too late and had to add 
> that kludge.
Right. Like I said, the original TED prototypes must pre-date this by 
several months so the keyboard 6529 must already have been part of the 
core architecture. I have a pre-production C16 board which is earlier 
than this one (based on the date codes) and that has the 6529.

> One thing to check with the TED you got is the noise generator. I 
> remember reading that the first TED revisions one that sounded rather 
> bad. Yours the way I'm used to from the 8360.
Yes, it seems OK other than being slightly fast in an NTSC board. I 
don't know whether it's my imagination but some of the games & demos 
appear to have wrong colours though. I will compare to some 8360's and 
see if there is a difference. I have other 7360R7's to compare with.

> Is the ceramic PLA dead? Is it also a 251641-02?
No, it works fine and yes it's a 25164-02. I'd swapped out some of the 
chips when it first failed to boot and I never put it back for these videos.

> I notice that there are a lot of similiar sounding words that could 
> have been left out and made space for other words.
Yes, they're and their; your and you're.

> Also, enjoy one of the few still working 7501... Keep and TED cool...
Ooh! I just noticed that this is a 7501R1 (0184) whereas my early C16 
has a 7501 (5283) I wonder if they're different?


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