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Your memory is not that bad !... My ST238R was completely "glued", I had to manually force it's rotation at first Wake up (from what I had written at the time when I had put it to storage, it was it's "only" defect). It seems to be quite noisy and to become relatively hot after 1 hour or so of spinning. Would you recomment any preventive action (excepted dust removal) or shall I continue to make it work until it completely dies ?

All my other still operating ST412 disks are vertically mounted (Tandon/WD 3.5 inch 20Mb fited into file cards, in Olivetti M24, A1000 bridgeboard, and Amstrad 1640HD), I don't know if there's any good reason to have a longer life on vertically mounted HDDs.

Extracted from ST225 and others user manual (using fixed font) :

 SEAGATE ST213/ST225/ST225R/ST238R/ST250R PRODUCT MANUAL 36025-003

Notes on installation

Drive mounting

     horizontally             vertically
   +-----------------+   +--+             +--+ +------------------+
   |                 |   |  +-----+ +-----+  | |                  | x
   |                 |   |  |     | |     |  | x+----------------+x
+-+-----------------+-+ |  |     | |     |  | ||x              x||
+---------------------+ |  |     | |     |  | ||  x          x  ||
                         |  |     | |     |  | ||    x      x    ||
      x           x      |  |     | |     |  | ||      x  x      ||
+------x------x-------+ |  +-----+ +-----+  | ||       xx       ||
+-+------x--x-------+-+ +--+             +--+ ||     x    x     ||
   |       xx        |                         ||   x        x   ||
   |     x    x      |                         || x            x ||
   +---x--------x----+                         |x                x|
     x            x                           x++----------------++x
      UNACCEPTABLE!                                UNACCEPTABLE!
      Never install PC board on the Top!

The drive may be mounted horizontally with the PC board down or on
either side. Mounting vertically on either end is a prohibited orien-
The drive should not be tilted front or back, in any position, by
more than 5*. For optimum performance, the drive should be formatted
in the same position as it will be mounted in the host system.

The mounting screws must not exceed inside the mounting feet more
than 3.2 mm, measured from the outside surface of the foot.

Interface and Recording Method
The ST213 and ST225 are designed for operation with the ST412 inter-
face with MFM encoding at 5.0 MBits/sec. data transfer rate. Opera-
tion of a MFM drive with a RLL controller is not approved by SEAGATE
and will void the drive warranty.

The ST225R, ST238R and ST250R are designed for operation with the
ST412 interface with Run Length Limited (2,7) encoding at 7.5 Mbits/
sec. data transfer rate.


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Re: D9090 back to life !Awesome work!. 

I, too have a D9090 SOMEWHERE in storage - and it was working when put in there.
From a time when I was SELLING the ST225 (that dates me!), I seem to recall was only supposed to be within 7 degrees of horizontal, not vertical. 
It also needed short mounting screws, as the cast alloy case was very close to the pressed metal screw mounts. 

The spindle bearings are what usually dies in those - they seize up after becoming very noisy - you can tell when they're close to going, as the alloy drive enclosure gets hot That was very common for all HDD's drives of that vintage, until fluid-dynamic floating bearings became common, replacing the ball races formerly used. 
There is also a carbon contact at the centre of the bearing (to discharge static electricity generated from the platters) - that wears out after a while, and can squeal. The ST238R was the same drive and controller board, just with a 7.5Mbit data separator, instead of the 5mbit one for MFM. Most 225's could still run off RLL controllers, and I once had one that had a spindle motor that ran slow as well. I took advantage of this, and was able to shoehorn 29Sectors per track out of it from (up from 26), and used this as the file store for our BBS.

once again, awesome work!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014, 12:04:24 PM, you wrote:

"Ardidiou" as we can say by there !

I'm proud to annonce here that my venerable D9090 is now again in operationnal !

For those here who don't remember, it survived to two (2) travels from Germany to France (thanks to DHL) many years ago and a start of fire at my storage location four years ago. After a lot of patience, and cleaning, and patience I've the so desired message on the SX64 screen (using a DAMS cartridge) :

0 "FUFHD            " 00 3A
19441 Blocks free.

What did I finally had to replace/repair ?
- The power line filter
- Fuse holder nut (DHL, probably)
- 1 weak solder (ground power of DOS board)
- Status LED pins
- Tandon 603 (DHL) replaced by a ST225
- ST225 replaced by a ST238R (but the ST225 works well in my Olivetti M24)

Don't ask why, it operates well only when placed on it's right side ! (seen from ST225 manual, it's forbiden to use it from it's back .. and it's the exact position choosen by commodore)

Regards - Hervé

Next "repair" project : a CBM2001

Best regards,
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