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Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 23:01:00 +0100 (CET)
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I'm eventually suspecting this also .... they are 2 big copper leafs, one under HDD's PCB, and one under DOS board ... one side of each leaf, touching the PCB  is isolated, but none appears to be grounded on any point. As I also had to extend fixations of SASI board, may be did I missed something on chassis grounding for this board ... Does anyone have an idea on this perticular point ?

I had the same symptoms with the other,nearly identical, ST225; may be are they more sensible ? In all cases, this does not explain why RF interference could be present in 1 position and absent when the entire system is rotated 90° clockwise

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> Don't ask why, it operates well only when placed on it's right side ! (seen
 from ST225 manual, it's forbiden to use it from it's back .. and it's
 the exact position choosen by commodore)

If it's not the bearings or the head stepper mechanism, it could be rf 
interference between the drive controller board and the main controller 
board. I've seen some IBM drives that would only work in certain 
positions because of rf interference. Try unmounting the drive and moving 
it as far away from the rest of the unit as possible. If it works that 
way, it's rf interference.

Try adding a ground strap between the two boards.
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